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We believe that happy people are healthy people. Health is all about understanding what works for us as individuals so we can live with a healthy, vital body, an open, compassionate heart and a happy mind. What you eat, when you eat, how you cook, how you move, and importantly, how you feel, are essential elements to being healthy. More often than not, one of these elements takes priority over the other.

But not at Bluesky Connexions!

“Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.”

Mike Adams - The Health Ranger

Feed your mind to empower your body

We approach naturally enriched learning through a buffet of different offerings

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Learning new skills keeps your brain flexible and healthy. It’s also empowering and can be life changing too. Becoming more knowledgeable about nutrition and health allows you to stay in the driving seat and make better lifestyle choices for you and your family. And it’s fun!

What’s not to love about learning to create more health and vitality in your life? Whether you’re hooked into our digital learning wall while enjoying the tantalising fare of The Willow, listening to a talk or learning to create great food, we guarantee you a rich and fulfilling experience. You’ll meet new friends with similar interests and aspirations, share with others and laugh as you learn.

You’ll be able to dive into our growing list of education programmes that cover a diverse range of health topics – from food preparation and cooking, lifestyle management, physical activity, weight management and bodywork – to many different branches of integrated, complementary and alternative medicine.

You’ll be able to find out from our experts, coaches and practitioners what your future could look like, what goals might be appropriate and how you’re going to put yourself in the driving seat of your own health and future.

Learning to live healthy lives

We exist to support and guide you in taking naturally enriched living into the heart of life and your home. Whether you need to make a few adjustments or a full 360º shift, our constantly evolving learning programme and our team of experts are here for you.

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Making a few changes in your nutrition and lifestyle choices can reap significant rewards, helping you live a longer, happier and healthier life. In fact, it takes just 30 days to create a new habit pattern, if you practice that new thing every day. In our experience this is true whether you’re making a dietary change, including a new activity into your week or embracing a more positive mindset.


It’s not new knowledge that smoking, drinking too much alcohol, being sedentary and consuming a diet of ultra-processed, ready-made foods can age you by over a decade and cut life expectancy unnecessarily short. We do understand that making the necessary changes can often be daunting and feel overwhelming — let alone knowing where to begin or what to focus on first.

Moving regularly, putting the right foods in your body, prioritising enough sleep, and balancing the demands of a busy life are common challenges for us all. We’re here to help you prioritise and ensure you’re not placing more emphasis on one area of your life whilst neglecting another.


Bluesky Connexions, alongside our Tri-Health partners at The Willow pub and restaurant and Irrefutable Health, make healthy living within your reach – starting today. No fashions or fads, just easy-to-follow steps you can take right now.

Make today healthier than your yesterday and pave the way for optimal health and more vital living tomorrow.

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