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Looking around it’s not hard to see that the UK is facing a massive health crisis. The UK is not the only country affected.


The worldwide degenerative disease crisis is spiralling out of control. The ‘big five’, largely preventable, chronic conditions, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity and osteoporosis are now common in most families’ experience. Yet the mainstream health approaches taken by the NHS and the Government just aren’t working and we are faced with the impacts on a daily basis. Not only that, the healthcare system is buckling under the strain. Something has to change and change fast.

Healthy lifestyle

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that just in Britain alone, around 5 million die every year from the big chronic diseases, especially from heart disease, stroke and diabetes. But there is good news! According to the WHO, 80% of these premature deaths are preventable just by eating healthier and ditching the junk, moving more and making better lifestyle choices, like stopping smoking.

Enter Bluesky Connexions

As part of The Tri-Health Group, we are in a unique position to make sense of the research being collected in Irrefutable Health and the choices being made by patrons of The Willow. With our unique expertise we’ll create different ways of communicating the findings.

Healthy food plate

Via our Research Zone, we’ll be running stats and stories on health transformations among Irrefutable Health’s clients and feeding it through our learning programmes. Here, you’ll also find information collected from The Willow on how people’s food choices are changing as their knowledge increases, their palates expand and their positive experiences create deeper engagement.

In time, our health research will also be used to inform public health policy, lobby for nutritional and lifestyle reforms within the NHS and be used for peer-reviewed scientific articles to create a powerful platform for change.

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